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San Jose State Player's Make Pre-Season List

Phil Steele adds several Spartans to his pre-season All-Mountain West Conference team.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Phil Steele released his list of pre-season All-Mountain West team for 2015 and the San Jose State Spartans were able to get a couple of guys on this list. Junior wide receiver Tyler Winston and linebacker Christian Tago were named to first team selections for the All-Mountain West team for the upcoming 2015 season. Tyler Winston is coming off of a pretty solid sophomore season, recording 78 receptions for 694 yards and 5 touchdown receptions. Christian Tago on the defensive side recorded 96 tackles, 5 of those being tackles for loss, and four passes broken up.

The two juniors aren't the only ones to make the list, however. Other notable Spartans to make it were quarterback Joe Gray and running back Tyler Ervin making the second team list. The third team list comprised of defensive back Cleveland Wallace, kicker Austin Lopez, and kick returner Jeremy McNichols. Rounding out the four team list was defensive back Jimmy Pruitt.

Most pre-season rankings/watch lists are usually something to take with a grain of salt, as a multitude of things could happen. Players get hurt, teams don't live up to their potential or hype, or some other previously unknown/underrated players are some of the more common reasons why these lists usually come up inaccurate. Also, look at San Jose State's quarterback situation which is not 100 percent resolved yet, but Gray is on the list.

However, this bit of news should excite the Spartan faithful something it is something to look forward to after a disappointing 3-9 season.