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San Jose State could receive football upgrades

With the Super Bowl coming to Santa Clara, California Berkeley the Spartans may just get some upgrades.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Super Bowl 50 (No, not Super Bowl L) is scheduled to be played at the San Francisco 49ers Levi Stadium on February 7th, 2016. This could mean some good things for the San Jose State Spartans, if all pans out as it is looking to be. NFL teams are looking for facilities where they can hold practice during the week leading up to the big game, and San Jose State is no stranger to hosting NFL teams.

More recently, the Spartans have hosted the New Orleans Saints, Dallas Cowboys, and most recently, the Jacksonville Jaguars. According to Mark Purdy, one of the things that has fairly impressed the NFL is how things are set up at the Spartans facility, especially with things from a security standpoint. A lot of coaches during this week (Along with any other week...but I digress) are very paranoid about their practices being viewed by unwarranted eyes (*Ahem* Belichick), but also just distractions in general that come with this big week.

However, there is one thing that might be holding things back, and that is the state of the locker room. It is not up to NFL standards. This is where the Spartans could get their upgrade, as it looks like some businesses are working with the school, and quite possibly the league itself, to give San Jose State a locker room upgrade. The costs right now estimate to be between $100,000-$150,000 that would be split up between the three parties involved.

Nothing is set in stone just yet, but there is good reason to be optimistic about this happening.