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Utah State will play defending National Champion Duke

Rumored for a while now Utah State announced today they will be playing the defending National Champion Duke Blue Devils in Durham on November 29th.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Many, myself included, were skeptical when Utah State replaced the legendary Stew Morrill with his long time assistant Tim Duryea.  Today was another step in the me head coach erasing that doubt. Utah State announced a one-and-done deal to play the defending National Champion Duke Blue Devils in Durham, North Carolina, early in the 2015-16 season.

Duryea came in promising increased exposure for the Aggies including playing better teams and getting nationally televised games. The game against Duke backs up that talk. The game will be nationally televised on ESPNU with a starting time that has yet to be determined. Duke will be heavy favorites but it will be interesting to see how a now veteran Aggie squad matches up against a very young squad coached by one of the greatest ever in coach Mike Krzyzewski.

The immediate addition of such a high caliber opponent suggests that Coach Duryea has heard some of the complaints fans had under Stew and is already taking the steps he believe will elevate the Aggies to compete for Mountain West championship's.  Perhaps most exciting is the clear message from Coach Duryea that he is willing to take Utah State and make it his own

"I am thrilled for our players to be able to have this opportunity, especially our seniors," Duryea said in a press release of the game. "When you talk about modern day college basketball programs and coaches, Duke and Coach K are the gold standard.

"To be able to go and compete on a national stage, in one of the cathedrals of college basketball, will be a great experience for our team and it is also a fun way for our fans to be involved as well."