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NCAA tournament projections: MWC May Be a One Bid Conference

It's possible that the two best teams in the conference might not make it into a regional. Just possible. Nevada is probably a lock but I don't trust the NCAA. Read on and see what you think. Oh, and keep reading Brandon Blake's updates on the games if you would like to sweat a little, fans.

Why might SDSU not be able to make some history
Why might SDSU not be able to make some history
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MWC Possibly Has One Team to the Dance

Just read a projection of teams that make it to a regional. Nevada was in but no mention of SDSU. I'm not really surprised but that means a sixth place finish in the Big12 is probably good enough to get you in. Did you get the sarcasm? The projection is someone's guess and I'll not quibble with them. I will quibble with the selection committee. With all my complaints one thing must be made clear. SDSU lost against Fresno State in no uncertain terms in their first game of the MWC Tournament. Now, they must win out and that's tough to do. If they don't, they are done. If choices for bids were taken now, the Aztecs would be left out in the cold. Fourteen games above .500 is ok but only 35 wins isn't. As I've said before, there must be a fifth place Big 10 team waiting in the wings. You think I'm joking? Nebraska has a similar record and lost both of their tournament games in the Big 10 and finished in 8th place. Does that eliminate them from consideration? No, but I suspect the two losses in the Big 10 Tournament may have ended their season or, at least, it should have. In fact, they had lost four in a row to end the regular season and there was still that talk. Sick. I might add that only the Big West, of the western mid-major conferences, appears to have enough clout to have more than one bid; Santa Barbara and Fullerton with, maybe, Irvine as the Anteaters aren't afraid to hit the road against tough opposition.

If you want more grist for the mill, read Eric Sorenson's rant on the site. He's my favorite writer above all and I think you'd enjoy the read. It can be found at: and I think I have the site correctly written.

It's all about the money.