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San Jose State athletic department gets $1.6 million from the university

San Jose State gets financial help from the school.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

San Jose State University  will be getting $1.6 million from the university. Athletic Director Gene Bleymaier on Monday. according to Jon Wilner of the Mercury News. With this additional money from the university, the athletic department will be able to pay cost-for-attendance stipends and additional meals for student-athletes beginning August 1st. This cost will be spread out over all of the Spartans sports teams. It is very similar to how other schools do it in the Mountain West, but there is one catch.

These funds are only for the upcoming year and the school is trying to figure out how other schools in the conference are going to provide funds for future use.

"It's a one-time allotment for athletics, with the understanding that we need to figure out how to pay (for the increase in student-athlete services) going forward,'' Bleymaier said. "We'll be as creative as we can. We'll meet with donors and alumni and former student-athletes and explain the opportunity and what the rest of the Mountain West is doing.''

With the way that college sports are trending towards due to the several court cases, expect something more permanent to take place amongst all schools in the future.