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2015 NFL Draft: San Diego State's Terry Poole drafted by the Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks drafted San Diego State offensive lineman Terry Poole.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

With the 130th pick in the 2015 NFL draft, the Seattle Seahawks selected San Diego State offensive lineman Tarry Poole. Poole is a mammoth of a lineman standing at 6-foot-5-inches, and 309 pounds and was responsible for protecting the many quarterbacks during his tenure at San Diego State, and he was a key reason the running game has performed well over the past few years.

Poole was rated as the 16th best offensive tackle and the 172 player overall. There is some concern over Poole not being strong enough to play on the left side of the line, so he may play right tackle or possibly even guard.

Poole being taken in the fourth round is a little bit of a reach when looking at where the plethora of mock drafts had him going, and some not even being a pick in the seven round mock. Seattle has a good track record of late round picks this is a good place for Poole to continue.

Here is his scouting report from


Good hand placement in run game. Is able to effort his way to run-block security. Has limitations, but plays within those limitations and shows good body control. Adequate pass pro posture with head back and hands ready. Has hip flexibility to make last-second recovery. Gives good, honest effort every snap.


Heavy feet into kick-slide. Doesn't gain enough ground to keep edge speed at bay. Opens prematurely, allowing open door to inside moves. Slow step inside to stunts. Doesn't have combination of feet and functional strength to improve position in run game once engaged or anchor up when rusher gets to a shoulder. Hands so wide he gives hugs at times in pass pro. Must move inside.

Bottom Line

A JUCO transfer lacking athleticism to play on the left side, Poole might get a shot at right tackle but is better suited for a move inside. With more strength and experience, Poole has a shot to make a practice squad and potentially work his way up the ladder.