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Bozar's Pick for MWC Pitcher of the Year

Like many of us, I look for domination somewhere in the stats. San Diego State's Bubba Derby shows that, in spades, with 119 strike outs in 88 IP. He's my choice with New Mexico's Toller Boardman getting some consideration also. Hopefully, Derby will have a chance at the post season to show his stuff.

Derby showing the form that batters hated to see
Derby showing the form that batters hated to see
Kenny Olinger

Bozar's Pitcher of the Year for the MWC

This boiled down to two pitchers. Bubba Derby for San Diego State and Toller Boardman for New Mexico. How do they match up? Boardman leads the MWC with 8 wins and Derby has 7. That's about as close as you can get. Neither are in the top five in ERA and I don't have to go much more than that. Boardman has pitched in 94 innings and Derby 88. Again, a wash. Here's the defining moment; strike outs. Derby has 119 and Boardman is not in the top five with 59.

Now, I ain't one to quibble but Derby has about 40 more strikeouts than the guy behind him in MWC stats. Forty! In 88 IP! Again, rounding numbers, that's about two batters an inning. That's domination. Nolan Ryan comes to mind and I don't think he ever made it into a World Series. How'd THAT happen? If his curve was working, the batters were helpless and seven no-hitters is testament to that. Then there was. . . . . . . oops, there I go again. Yep, Bubba's da guy.