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Unofficial POY for the MWC

Yes, very unofficial. This is my choice for POY in the MWC and usually I don't do this sort of thing but fans demand it. Uh, maybe not because no one asked me to do this. Here it is anyway.

Nevada's power-laden lineup featured Kewby Meyer more than once
Nevada's power-laden lineup featured Kewby Meyer more than once
John Byrne

MWC Player of the Year

At least, according to me. Of course I have no vote and I have no pull but I do have an opinion and there are some great wise cracks about people and their opinions. I can't repeat them here but they're good none the less.How'd I choose? Not necessarily the best stats. Same with being on a winning team. I always like the guy who is very good on a mediocre or bad team but even the pros don't seem to work that way. Anyway, read on.

It wasn't that easy. Nevada has an offensive powerhouse and it would be easy to pick one of their studs. Air Force has a standout player. San Diego State had more than a few players in the categories listed.

I will have to go with Nevada's Kewby Meyer and here's why. At this point he leads the MWC in hits with 75, is fourth in RBIs with 51, and is hitting .339. He has six home runs which shows he has some power on a team that hits a lot of home runs. I liked Air Force's Adam Groesbeck also but he plays at a launching pad. Then again, some would argue, so do the players for Nevada. The Mountain West is primarily a hitter's conference so having a guy stand out in more than one category hit home with me.