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2015 CFL Draft: Brett Boyko, Shaquille Murray-Lawrence drafted by British Columbia

For the first time since 2002, two players were picked from UNLV in the CFL draft. Brett Boyko and Shaquille Murray- Lawrence were both picked by the British Columbia Lions.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

In the CFL draft on Tuesday night, UNLV offensive lineman Brett Boyko and running back Shaquille Murray-Lawrence both were selected by the British Columbia Lions. Boyko was the 14th overall pick in the CFL draft while Murray-Lawrence was taken from 23rd overall pick.

Boyko would have been a higher pick if he had not been under an undrafted free agent contract already in the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles. Boyko was the highest ever picked in the CFL draft from UNLV, and a reason for that is that he was born in Canada which automatically ensures he would be a high draft pick due to being from Canada.

At UNLV, Murray-Lawrence rushed for 552 yards and nine touchdowns in his senior year, and he also was a threat in the backfield to catch 16 receptions. He also played in just nine games last year. Murray-Lawrence also has the ability in the return game.