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Preseason First Team All-MWC Choices - How Are They Doing Now?

We're a little past the half way point of the MWC season and some teams have done better than expected and others have spun out of control in the opposite direction. Fans complain about the coaches and there is some truth to that matter but it still boils down to the players. Before the season starts the coaches of the MWC, and all conferences for that matter, vote on who will win, who will lose, and who will perform. So, how has that worked out?

Ty France is living up to preseason hype
Ty France is living up to preseason hype
Judy Ollinger

Preseason All-MWC Picks - Where Are they Now?

The following list of the preseason picks is an amalgamation of a few lists that I found. They were all pretty much in agreement so I went pretty much with the coaches' picks back in January. You look at a kid and how he did the past season and you figure he will do the same or better the following year. Things happen to derail this preconception; grades, girlfriends, injury, attitude shift. The first part below is the preseason picks and is followed by what's happening now.

C - Taylor Ward, Fresno State
1B - Austin Byler, Nevada
2B - Sam Haggerty, New Mexico
3B - Ty France, San Diego State
SS - Jared Holley, New Mexico
OF - Tyler Jones, Air Force
OF - Kewby Meyer, Nevada
OF - Joey Armstrong, UNLV
UT/DH - Trenton Brooks, Nevada
UT/DH - Danny Collier, New Mexico

P - Bubba Derby, San Diego State
P - Kalei Contrades, San Jose State
P - Tim Borst, Fresno State
P - Bryan Bonnell, UNLV

Taylor Ward
Taylor is doing just fine as he's hitting .322 with 6 home runs and leading the team in RBIs with 25.

Austin Byler
Austin is helping the Wolf Pack lead the MWC as he's hitting .345 with 8 home runs on a team that hits a lot. He's third on the team in RBIs with 30.

Sam Haggerty
Sam has fallen after a great freshman season as he's hitting .233 and 1 in 43 ABs. That's quite a bit less than full time play and I don't know what's up with that.

Ty France
One of the best in the MWC, Ty is certainly living up to his preseason awards and could be considered one of the top picks for POY in the MWC. He's hitting .394 and 2 and is the leader among the hitters on the Aztecs.

Jared Holley
Jared is hitting .253 and 1 in 53 ABs. His slump this year in addition to Haggerty's (above) say a lot about New Mexico's position in the standings.

Tyler Jones
Tyler's outstanding freshman stats are backed up by equally outstanding sophomore stats. He's hitting .360 and 5 in 111 ABs. He's second on the team in RBIs with 30 and hits with 40. First team stuff. I must add that he does play at altitude and in a park that is built for hitting. Doesn't hurt Tulowitzki or Gonzalez though, does it?

Kewby Meyer
Kewby is hitting .312 and a home run in 138 ABs. Not first team stats but good ones none-the-less.

Joey Armstrong
Joey is hitting .293 and 1 for a struggling UNLV team. The team is only an average hitting team and he's fifth on the team. First team stats?

Trenton Brooks
This guy is doing well both as a hitter and a pitcher. He's hitting .331 and 3 in 121 ABs and 1-0 and 3.18 in 11 IP with 7 appearances and a start. Not bad on either end.

Danny Collier
Danny is hitting a healthy .343 in 102 ABs so he's doing well down in Albuquerque.

Bubba Derby
Bubba is 3-2 and 3.02 in 50 IP. Those are good numbers but not great but his eight appearances have all been starts so that says a lot about what coach thinks of him.

Kalei Contrades
Ah, the poor Spartans; can't hit and pitching isn't far behind. Contrades was a preseason pick and I concurred. He started out the season very well but his last few starts have not gone well. He is 2-6 and 4.66 in 48 IP with nine starts which says "Ace" even though the numbers don't. I think he's suffering behind all that losing. Still, not first team by any stretch.

Tim Borst
Tim is a pretty good 4-3 and 2.78 in 11 appearances with 3 starts. Does this warrant a first team pick? I'd say second team.

Bryan Bonnell
He's fallen quite a bit after last year's efforts. He's 1-3 and 7.84 in 20 IP and five starts. Teammate Kenny Oakley has also been mentioned on a few lists and he's done well at 2-2 and 2.87. Sorry, had to slip him in here also as I think he's pretty good but didn't get a lot of love in the preseason.