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A New Era Of UNLV Rebel Football Starts With Spring Ball

A new era starts with an exciting Spring game and an optimistic new coaching staff. With Blake Decker and Devonte Boyd poised for a great season. Who knows what can happen. It has the definite possibility to be an awesome season.

The UNLV Rebels have not been a great team the last few decades. However, with the new head coach Tony Sanchez there is no reason but to have some hope. His record over the last 6 years as a high school head coach speaks for its self at 85-5.

There is lots of reasons to think this is the year that they get to a bowl. Even maybe on a regular bases. Coach Sanchez like the way the players played on the first day of spring practice.

"The guys did a really good job of adjusting to the tempo," Sanchez said. "The great thing about this staff is the passion and the drive to get this going..."

For all Rebel fans this sounds very positive things to say. The offense also seems to be rolling well with possibly the best wide receiving duo in the Mountain West. With Deyvonte Boyd and Kendal Keys leading the way Sanchez seems to be very confident.

Senior quarterback Blake Decker going 5 of 5 and three touchdowns in the spring game with sophomore stand out wide receiver Boyd on the end of most of those scores.. This seasons offence could be very high powered. Coach Sanchez seems to be very convinced that the running game could get off to a great start also.

At the end of spring practice coach Sanchez heaped praise on how the team fared under his first spring practice.

"I'm really proud of the guys," Sanchez said. "They did a good job of studying and paying attention and getting caught up with what we inserted."

He also believes the team knows what they need to do this fall to be successful, and to be the team they need to be and reach their goals. The Rebels open up against Northern Illinois on the road September 5th.