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Boise State quarterback Ryan Finley arrested with a pair of misdemeanors

Boise State quarterback Ryan Finley was arrested early Saturday morning for minor in possession and other mischief.

Ada County Sherrif Office

Boise State quarterback Ryan Finley is the front-runner to be the Broncos starting signal-caller next year. That might have taken a hiccup as he was arrested early Saturday morning for a minor in possession of alcohol -- Finley is 20 years old --  and resisting or obstructing officers, both are misdemeanors.

Hew as booked in the Ada County's Sheriff Office at 12:17 a.m.

A minor in possession is a pretty standard college kid thing to do and generally not made up as a huge deal, but the second misdemeanor of resisting or obstructing officers makes this arrest more serious side. Perhaps Finley was fleeing like everyone else from the likely house party and was just caught by an officer, but that is not clear yet.

The school is already aware of the offenses by Finley and released a statement, "We are aware of the situation and we are following our student-conduct policy."

Here is the full police report via the Idaho Press-Tribune:

Boise Police officers responded to a neighbor's call of a noise complaint at a residence near the intersection of West Hale Street and South Euclid Avenue at 11:32 p.m. on Friday, April 24. When officers arrived in the area, they observed a car pull up near the intersection and stop.

The occupants of the vehicle got out, but then got back into the car when they saw officers. When Boise Police officers attempted to make contact with the driver, one of passengers exited the car and ran away, failing to stop when officers identified themselves.

A brief foot pursuit ensued, and officers soon located the man who ran, Finley, crouched in the backyard of a residence near West Hale Street and Manitou Avenue.

When officers spoke with the suspect, they observed an odor of alcohol coming from him, and noticed that he had glassy eyes. Officers took Finley into custody and transported him to the Ada County Jail where he was booked under the above charges.

This will likely lead to some sort of suspension. That could range from missing time during fall camp or sitting on the bench for some or all of the key season opener against Washington.

If the suspension is any of the mentioned above it makes the quarterback race that much tighter, because if Finley misses time in fall camp he loses out on key reps. If he is out of the Washington game for any amount of time he misses out playing a good opponent and more reps leading up to the season opener.

Who knows what happens to the quarterback race if Finley misses the Washington game and there is a quarterback race in-season, and those rarely go in favor of the teams; see Fresno State this past year.

Those are all hypothetical situations but they all have a possibility of happening to some degree, and there could be a trickle down effect of having the Broncos start true freshman Brett Rypien to start the season.

Finley appeared in only five games last season backing up Grant Hedrick’s, he completed 12 of 27 passes for 161 yards with two touchdowns and one interception. He took most of the spring reps with the first team and is expected to be the starting quarterback.