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Colorado being booted, USU set to join the PAC Conference for 2016

The Pac-12 announced on April 1 that Utah State will take Colorado's place in the conference for the 2016 football season.

Harry How/Getty Images

Given all that has transpired in the conference realignment dance, it was only a matter of time before the Pac-12 came calling on the upper tier MWC teams, and Utah State appears to have been at the top of their list. The change makes sense for both the conference and the school, as Utah State provides a natural rival to the University of Utah, which the Utes have been lacking since abandoning their games against BYU.

Several other schools already have in-state rivalries lined up: Oregon vs Oregon St., Arizona vs Arizona State., Washington vs Washington State., USC vs UCLA, Cal vs Stanford. It only made sense to fix the issue by dropping the unimpressive Colorado Buffaloes, and filling the spot with an on-the-rise Aggie team which has shown recent, but sustained, success on the football field and a history of success in basketball. It has apparently been in the works for months, but they have kept it very quietly hidden while working out the kinks.

Utah State has already started adding PAC teams to their schedule, having played Utah and USC in the last couple years, and playing Utah, Washington, and USC over the course of the next two seasons. The USC game will be adjusted since it will become an in-conference game instead of out-of-conference.

The biggest issue with this, of course, is the fact that today is April 1st, and bogus articles that are obviously fabricated out of semi-wishful thinking are not to be trusted.

April Fools! Have a great day!