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Boise State Visits Sparta In Hopes Of Saying Atop The Conference

The Broncos travel to San Jose tonight, and will hopefully not be looking ahead to Saturday's showdown with Fresno.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Broncos can finish up a historic season, but first they have to dominate lowly San Jose State.  The Spartans are 2-26, but have shown improvement in each of their last five games.  The story tonight will not be about the Spartans trying to get their first conference win of the season, but rather, if the Broncos can do enough to avoid a "let down" performance.

The spread is set at an 18-point favorite for the Broncos, and anything less than that could put second thoughts in the minds of the hawk-piercing eyes of the NCAA committee.  It will be interesting to see whether or not SJSU's leading scorer, Rashad Muhammad, will be of any help.  He was limited last Saturday to six points in only 19 minutes, much different than the previous two games against Colorado State (18 points) and San Diego State (27 points).  How well he plays tonight will impact how close of a game this will be.

For the Broncos, expect Derrick Marks and James Webb III to take over early.  If not, we could see a low scoring, competitive game until a Bronco takes over.  There should be no shortage of points in this game, since the Spartans do not have the defensive ability that the Aztecs did.

This game could get ugly as San Jose's basketball court.

Prediction: Boise State 82, San Jose State 49