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NCAA Bracket projections: Mountain West is looking good to get three teams in

The Mountain West is looking more and more likely to get three teams into the field of 68.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State's upset win over San Diego State has nearly solidified the conference to get three teams into the NCAA Tournament, assuming none of the favorites slip up before the Mountain West tournament begins.

While Boise State, San Diego State and Colorado State are not considered locks by any means they should feel safe. Looking at the latest composite bracket projections from Bracket Matrix there are less than a dozen brackets who leave off Boise State and seven that do not have Colorado State in the field.

San Diego State is still considered the favorite to earn the highest seed and their average seed is still a solid 7.52, and these brackets have been updated to reflected on either March 1 or 2.

Colorado State comes in next and is seeded on the 10 line with a 9.36 average. Then Boise State avoids the play-in round with a 10.52 seed average.

None of these three teams can really bolster their seeding with the remaining games on the regular season schedule, but a loss certainly will knock them down since only UNLV boasts an RPI within the top-100 out of the six games.

Boise State and Colorado State almost have to win their final two games to be safe, and San Diego State could have one loss and be fine.

San Diego State (RPI: 25):

March 4: At UNLV (88)

March 7: Nevada (302)

Colorado State (26):

March 4: At Nevada (302)

March 7: At Utah State (147)

Boise State (29):

March 4: At San Jose State (335)

March 7: Fresno State (191)