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Mountain West Baseball Gets National Recognition

Three teams are being listed in ratings and they are no surprise. San Diego State, New Mexico, and Nevada are all getting some votes. All three need to continue that trend to move up even more. None are in the top 25 but getting noticed is also pretty cool.

Happiness is a winning Aztec team
Happiness is a winning Aztec team
Kenny Olinger

MW Baseball Receiving Some National Recognition

Three teams in the Mountain West that were expected to do well this year are doing just that and are receiving some well-deserved recognition. They are receiving votes in the top this and that lists; just out of the top 25 in at least one list and probably in the top 40 of others that I haven't checked.

San Diego State (11-1, 3-0)
The Aztecs just finished taking care of business by sweeping San Jose State in three games at home. They did it, but in convincing, if not dominating, fashion, but they did it. The Spartans had come in hoping to win a game or two and were pushed aside by a veteran team which is usually the way it goes. The Aztecs have sound pitching to the point that some might say they have the best in the conference. Two of the starters have sparkling strikeout totals and a few others doing well in that arena also. Hitting is great (.320) and looks to be the best in the conference but both Nevada and New Mexico have a few sticks also.

Nevada (9-1, 3-0)
The Wolf Pack was figured to be pretty good this year as they were going to be putting a veteran lineup out on the field most every day. That has happened and they've swept a pretty good Fresno State team and started the year by sweeping UC Irvine at home which, to me at least, pretty astounding. Irvine has not recovered from that and maybe they aren't as good as I thought they would be. However, Nevada has been. Nevada takes on UNLV in Vegas this weekend which will be a challenge but they got whacked in three straight at Fresno State.

New Mexico (7-2, 2-1)
The Lobos are a team that was figured to be good also and have done well. Most figured they'd would be doing the winning by means of their strong bats. That really hasn't been the case as the pitching has been a little more than decent. The team ERA is 3.47 which ain't the best but is better than the team BA (.247). This is probably one of the reasons that the Lobos are included on some ratings lists but not others. The SOS is also not top notch as they have won three in a row but this weekend had San Francisco and Utah Valley in their own back yard. These two teams have one win between them. This coming weekend has New Mexico pitted against San Diego State which will go a long way telling us if New Mexico is for real or if the Aztecs are.

What does this all say? Well, the teams that are winning in the MW are getting recognition. I think that's pretty good but the conference still has a long way to go before it challenges the Big West or the WCC as being the best of the mid-majors in the west. The blood-letting will continue this weekend as I said above. Nevada at UNLV will be a good test for both programs as will SDSU vs New Mexico. Plenty of good baseball ahead.