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PODCAST/HANGOUT: MWC Tournament Preview

No Jeremy tonight, as Chris and Matthew ask HOW DO WE USE TECHNOLOGY?

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

On tonight's Google+ Hangout/Podcast (whenever Jeremy decides he wants to create an mp3 of the atrociousness), Matthew Bain and Chris Hondros talk about the first round events that happened today, then go into a short preview of each quarterfinal game tomorrow.  The order of events as it happens:

  • We introduce the show
  • We make fun of New Mexico
  • We make fun of Nevada
  • The quarterfinal previews start
  • Just as we are about to finish the last preview, Matt gets cut out, leaving Chris to start his profanities

Hold on to your coat-tails folks, this is how podcasts should be: uncut, humorous, with usually a touch of cursing at technology for kicks and giggles.

If Jeremy decides that the podcast is good enough, we'll have it available on Stitcher, SoundCloud and iTunes.  If not...then enjoy the 27-minute chaos that is unofficially "The Only Time Where Chris And Matt Bain Are Ever Allowed To Co-Host A Show."