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Tim DeRuyter shakes up Fresno State's coaching staff

Fresno State Coach Tim DeRuyter makes a few moves to his coaching staff.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Always looking for ways to keep things fresh and working toward improvement, Coach Tim DeRuyter announced today that running backs coach, Joe Wade and outside receivers coach Ron Antoine would be switching positions. As well as, secondary coach Jordan Peterson would be moving to coach the outside linebackers. Defensive coordinator Nick Toth will continue to coach the inside linebackers, while Marcus Woodson will continue coaching the secondary.

"I believe we have an excellent coaching staff and I want to continually challenge and develop our coaches, just as we do our players," DeRuyter said. "These changes will bring some new energy and ideas to their respective position groups as we strive to compete for the Mountain West Championship."

Peterson has taken a lot of criticism assisting with the secondary since Tim McDonald left the program. It should be interesting to see how he transitions to the outside linebacker group, which has been steady and strong throughout DeRuyter's tenure. Both Wade and Antoine has excelled in their respective position groups which has produced record breakers at both positions (Davante Adams and Robbie Rouse).

There will be a lot to look forward to this coming season, in addition to the new recruits, the new starting quarterback, competition along the defensive line and the kicker position to just name a few. We can now add these moves to the list to add to the intrigue. Should make for an interesting spring.