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Nevada Looks Solid with Mostly Seniors for 2015

Five of the nine in the starting lineup are seniors and they're good ones. Austin Byler is the pre-season pick for POY so they have the firepower and experience for a starting lineup. The pitching staff comes back intact with two seniors and a junior for the weekend rotation and a closer who is a junior. What's not to like?

Adam Whitt could get many save opportunities
Adam Whitt could get many save opportunities
John Byrne

Nevada Could be the Real Deal in 2015

Here's a team that showed a lot of improvement in 2014 and returns a lot of the players that made that happen. They also have some decent recruits coming in that would like to do more than lend a helping hand. Coach Jay Johnson returns most of the lineup from 2014 (that's always good) and has a good bunch of recruits. I'm thinking he's building something.

C - Jordan Devencenzi (SR) - .265 and 1
1B - Austin Byler (SR) - .326 and 14
2B - Justin Bridgman (SO) - .254
SS - Kyle Hunt (SR) - .244 and 4
3B - Ryan Teel (SR) - .282 and 2
OF - Kewby Meyer (SR) - .328 and 3
OF - Trenton Brooks (SO) - .330 and 3
OF - Cole Krzmarzick (FR)
DH - Michael Blasko (FR)

SP - Jason Dietrich (SR) - 3-2 and 2.80
SP - Michael Fain (JR) - 4-5 and 3.90
SP - Barry Timko (SR) - 6-3 and 4.40
RP - Adam Whitt (JR) - 5-5 and 3.71 and 7 saves (54 strikeouts in 53 IP)

The Wolf Pack looks pretty solid. They return just about everyone and Byler is the pre-season pick for POY. That can be a kiss of death but he had 14 home runs and I don't see the power going away. The two most outstanding frosh I have in the lineup as DH and an outfielder. A few vets need to worry a bit if these young ‘uns catch fire. The pitching staff comes back intact. Nuff said there. Coach is building and this is a senior laden lineup which may deliver.