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Aztecs' Derby Sparkles in Early Season Outings

Bubba Derby is possibly the best pitcher in the MWC based on early season numbers. The stat which everyone looks at first is strikeouts and he certainly stands out head and shoulders above most of the others. Read on.

Derby has been mowing 'em down in early season
Derby has been mowing 'em down in early season
Kenny Olinger

San Diego State Has One of the Best Pitcher's in the West

I forget who said there are lies, damned lies, and statistics. That's a great saying and borders on truth. I'll guess either W.C. Fields or Mark Twain. Casey Stengle, maybe? Anyway, I was looking at stats for a variety of teams I cover and came across one that knocked my socks off. Yes, I wear socks and change them once a week. Back to stats.

The Aztecs have themselves a true example of an ace in Bubba Derby. His numbers are darned good but one stat caught my eye and is the sexiest of all when it comes to a pitcher. He has 22 strikeouts in 10 IP. No, no typos there. That's a bit over two an inning when one an inning is the standard of excellence. I have no idea if he can keep it up but he's one you should watch.

Bubba Derby 0-0 and 2.53 in 10.2 IP. He has 22 strikeouts to go along with 3 walks (also good) and 10 hits. That gives him a WHIP of 1.27 which is good but not great. BA against is a fair .244 which is not completely dominant. These are numbers of a good pitcher except the sparkling strikeout numbers. Let's watch and see what he does the rest of the year.