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NCAA Bracketology: Mountain West is staring at two tournament teams

It is looking more and more likely that the Mountain West will get just two teams for the NCAA tournament.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Time to take another look at where Mountain West teams are projected to end up in the NCAA tournament. Bracket Matrix has just two teams in the field with a third on the bubble. Last week, there was four and the difference this week is that Wyoming is not even being considered this week. The Cowboys are not out of it but they need to get Larry Nance, Jr. back and keep adding up the wins.

The two teams in the field are Colorado State and San Diego State, with Boise State just on the outside. All three have an RPI in the top 40, and Wyoming's is 78. The Aztecs seem to be the only team to be a lock and Colorado State is pretty close to a lock and probably will by the time the season ends since their final four games are winnable against Air Force, San Jose State, Nevada and Utah State.

Boise State has a chance for a big win before the Mountain West tournament as they travel to San Diego State, and a win against the Aztecs will give the Broncos two wins over them.

There is still a lot of basketball left to be played, but here is how Bracket Matrix puts these Mountain West teams.

San Diego State -- Their average seed is 7.39 with a high of a four seed and a low of 10.

Colorado State -- Their average seed is 9.47 with a high of a seven and a low of 12.

Boise State -- Their average seed is 11.13 but they are one of the second team out and are in 23 of the 93 brackets.

Going off of history there likely will be three Mountain West teams in the NCAA tournament, well assuming there are no embarrassing losses the rest of the way.