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PHOTO: Is UNLV really getting new uniforms?

UNLV might be one step closer to getting new uniforms for the 2015 season.

UNLV football Facebook

Maybe UNLV really is getting new uniforms for the 2015 season. Just a few days ago the UNLV alumni Facebook page posted some potential new uniforms, with one clearly being a photoshop.

Now, the official UNLV football Facebook page has a new set of uniforms. The red on the right are the same that appeared on the alumni page, and the black uniforms look similar as well, yet no image of Reb on the black helmet.

There is no indication that these are real uniforms at all for UNLV football, but why make black jersey's just for the heck of it. Black is not official school color for UNLV, that would be scarlet and gray, but having an alternate black uniform would not be a bad idea.

The basketball team has worn black uniforms in the past and is wearing them again this year, so why not have the football team join on the alternate football craze.

Plus, give the football team, fans and alumni something to look forward to while the program is looking for a fresh start under new head coach Tony Sanchez.