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Is Garrett Grayson Destined To Be A Career Backup?

Mike Mayock of the NFL Network says that Grayson is a career backup, is he right or could he turn some eyes and one day become a starter.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Recent Colorado State quarterback Garrett Grayson turned some heads this season and became a highly ranked prospect at quarterback. He was one of the more impressive quarterbacks in a very disappointing pool of players at the senior bowl. However according to numerous draft insiders he is projected to be a career backup on the Next level.

"Garrett Grayson from Colorado State is one of those guys that does everything pretty well, no real elite talents," Mike Mayock of the NFL Network stated in a teleconference.

Grayson didn't get as much attention that his fellow top five prospects are receiving, but he does have the chance to compete at the next level. Out of the top five quarterbacks, Grayson played in much more of a pro-style offense than Bryce Petty, Brett Hundley and Marcus Mariotta. Jameis Winston was the only quarterback that was in a pro-style system.

Mayock continued, "when he gets in front of coaches and he's able to sit down and talk about film and break down the tape, I think he's going to be the kind of kid that can help himself through the process and that starts this week."

He will be able to help himself but I can't help to think about what insiders said about Russell Wilson and Tom Brady. Insiders brought both players down and look at what happened. Both are Super Bowl Winning quarterbacks and neither was rated as a good pro quarterback.

Anything can happen, so Grayson can start as a backup but when his time comes he could take off and become an NFL. Who knows what will happen, only time will tell Grayson's overall destiny in the NFL.