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Boise State football: Broncos extend Bryan Harsin to a new five-year, $7.35 million deal

Boise State adds another year to Bryan Harsin's contract, plus a pay bump.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State and Bryan Harsin have agreed to a new contract that will keep Harsin at his alma mater through 2019. The contract technically is a five-year deal but in reality it is a one-year extension with no pay raise until the final year of the extension which will pay Harsin $1.75 million.

Other changes are a $100,000 signing bonus once the deal is approved by Boise State's Board of Regents on Thursday, and other academic and on the field performances.

Other bonuses include $50,000 if the team's APR score is 990 or above, $50,000 for winning the Mountain West title, $75,000 for playing in a New Year's Day bowl game and $250,000 if Boise State wins the college football playoff.

The maximum total for his contract if all incentives are reached would be $9.35 million.

The additional year was tacked on because Harsin won nine games, the Broncos easily surpassed that by going 12-2 and winning the Fiesta Bowl. His new deal calls for an extra year added on to his contract and a $100,000 raise to his base salary if Boise State wins eight games.

This very well likely will be a recurring theme as Boise State not won less than eight games since 1998.

One other significant item on the agenda is giving defensive coordinator Marcel Yates a three-year contract worth $330,000 per year, and an increase of $14,500.

This is likely has a direct correlation to the Broncos losing offensive coordinator Mike Sanford to Notre Dame, so the added security of a multi-year contract might help Boise State keep coaches around instead of leaving for a different job.