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Could Chuckie Keeton transfer to Oregon State?

Would Chuckie Keeton follow his former coach Gary Andersen to Oregon State?

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

With all of the news about Chuckie Keeton gaining an extra year of eligibility came a lot of excitement with one of college football's most electrifying players. However, the Aggies have an embarrassment of riches at quarterback with Kent Myers, Darell Garretson and Oregon transfer Damion Hobbs.

Keeton may not even participate in spring football for Utah State, but he likely would get the benefit of the doubt and if healthy would start. However, the Aggies have shown that they do not need a great quarterback to win games, but use mostly their defense to be successful. Again there is going to be competition to regain his starting job.

What if Keeton were to follow his former head coach Gary Andersen and play for Oregon Stat? First, Keeton needs to graduate from Utah State to be able to freely transfer.

As of now he is not scheduled to graduate until December, so unless something changes with an extra workload or changing to a different major a transfer likely can't happen.

This is not the first time that this idea has been brought up. In Andersen's introductory press conference he was asked about the possibility of bringing in a graduate transfer, and specifically Keeton's name was brought up. Andersen deflected the question since it is against NCAA rules to publicly discuss potential recruits.

"I don't know enough about the quarterbacks in the program," Andersen said. "I really have no idea. We've got to sit back and look.

"We're always gonna recruit, and you're always trying to recruit the best young man that you can. If that's a freshman quarterback or a freshman offensive lineman or a junior college (player) or a potential transfer at any position right now, I don't know enough to even really answer that question (in an educated way) at all."

Looking deeper at the Oregon State quarterback situation, Andersen could use Keeton to step in right away and play. The Beavers lost Sean Mannion who was a multi-year starter for Oregon State, and the most experienced quarterback is Luke Del Rio who has 18 career pass attempts.

If Keeton wants to be pretty much guaranteed a starting spot there is a very good chance there could be one waiting for him at Oregon State, but to be fair that same luxury is likely also waiting for him at Utah State.