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ESPN highlights non-existent Boise State vs. Northern Iowa Poinsettia Bowl

Poking fun at ESPN has never been this easy.

During Tuesday's Russel Athletic bowl broadcast on ESPN, the network had a little time to fill and highlighted a few of the bowl games that happened, or in this case allegedly happened.

Nobody thinks twice about these things and these sponsored segments, but this one in particular was noticeable when ESPN decided to highlight Boise State dominant victory in the Poinsettia Bowl.

There was just one problem with that because the opponent was Northern Illinois, but the graphics department inserted Northern Iowa.


Boise State did have the most dominant bowl performance to date by holding Northern Illinois to 31 yards and out gaining them by over 600 yards.

These mistakes are bound to happen and Northern Iowa is similar to Northern Illinois, but the Panthers are an FCS team and has not played a football game since they were knocked out of the FCS playoffs back on Dec. 12 when they lost to North Dakota State.

Lets just hope we don't see an Alabama A&M vs. Eastern Michigan graphic in the College Football Playoff on Thursday.