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San Diego State football: Maxwell Smith wants to play in bowl game with ACL tear

A torn ACL will not hold back San Diego State's Maxwell Smith.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

A torn ACL typically means that the season is done, however San Diego State quarterback Maxwell Smith will attempt to comeback and play in the Aztecs bowl game. Smith tore his ACL in the season finale against Nevada and is out for the Mountain West title game, but he wants to put off surgery for one more game in the red and black.

"He says he's going to try to play in the bowl game," San Diego State head coach Rocky Long said. "He's going to try to rehab and put it in a brace and see if he can play with the brace and then he's going to get operated on after the bowl game. That's his plan right now. That's what he wants to do."

The doctors do not have any issue with Smith trying to play in a bowl game, plus the quarterback position is one where a player can play with this type of injury while wearing a brace.

"The one position you could probably do it is quarterback," Long said. "If you hand the ball off and straight drop back and all you do is throw it, you might (be able to play). ... I can't believe he wants to try, to be honest with you, but if he wants to try, good for him."

There are a few examples of players taking the field with a torn ACL, and one recent local player who did so was San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers who played in the AFC title game in 2008 with a torn knee.

It can be done but the lateral movement is basically lost with out an ACL, but it is not out of the possibility to do so and if San Diego State goes to the Cactus Bowl on Jan. 2 will give Smith plenty of time to get used to playing without an ACL.