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Trenton Brooks, Larry Nance are your MWC collegiate ahletes of the year

Voting got strange, so while we shut it down a little early, we still found two athletes head and shoulders above the rest.

About a week ago, we at Mountain West Connection decided to let fans decide which athlete across the conference's sports had the best 2015. We received thousands of votes and we'd like to thank everyone who participated, but due to irregularities (read: using 1337 skills to haxx the results, probably) we decided to close the poll a couple days earlier than expected. As soon as one of our candidates received nearly 100,000 votes, it looked a little bit off.

Collegiate player of the year results

I'm fairly certain no poll in the history of SB Nation has received that number of votes without some kind of wonkiness. We decided, as a result, to let two athletes share the title, as they were basically neck and neck before things got strange.

Your 2015 Mountain West Connection collegiate athletes of the year: Nevada baseball player Trenton Brooks and former Wyoming basketball player Larry Nance Jr.!

After being named a Louisville Slugger Freshman All-American in 2014, Brooks raised his game in 2015 and spearheaded the Wolfpack's powerful offense to the tune of a .365/.484/.515 line, earning the conference's Tony Gwynn Award as the best baseball player in the MWC. Nevada won the regular season title on the diamond, as well, and will have high expectations for its defense.

Nance, meanwhile, was primarily responsible for the Cowboys' shocking run to the NCAA men's basketball tournament, which included upsets over favorites Boise State and San Diego State. The preseason player of the year in 2014-15, Nance averaged 17.6 points and 8.6 rebounds in 14 MWC contests.

Don't forget, though, that our vote for the blog's professional athlete of the year is ongoing! The poll closes at the conclusion of the Arizona Bowl tomorrow, so click here to make sure your voice is heard!