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San Jose State Football Recruiting: Get to Know New Spartan Commit Kaymen Cureton

2017 San Jose State quarterback commit Kaymen Cureton took some time out of is day to dish to the Spartan faithful on his commitment and more.

Robert J Pfeifer:  When did you know SJSU was the school for you?

Kaymen Cureton: "Honestly after the visit I took.  Got a good feel for the environment, the payers, and most importantly the staff and how they felt about my talents and me as a student-athlete."

RJP: What is your relationship with coach Caragher like?

KC: "I have a pretty cool relationship with Coach Caragher, he's really straight-forward and likes to make sure I'm myself when I speak to him.  (He's) pretty fun to be around. But I've developed more of a relationship with Caoch Borges and Coach Donte."

RJP: What are your relationship with coach Borges and coach Donte like?

KC: "Coach Borges, I've established a certain comfort that anybody would like to have with a coach as a recruit in high school.  He told me I was their guy and he wants me in their offense.  Therefore, we communicate and connect easily.  Especially because the offense I run now is the one that he runs at San Jose.   The exact same one actually, my coach stole it from him."

"Coach Donte is almost like family now, he's straight forward with the process, always available, easy to talk to because he relates to me in where I come from as a recruit."

RJP: What are your individual goals for your time in San Jose?

KC: "I'd like to establish myself as a program changer.  Somebody that did something different with a new opportunity and brought major success to a program.  I'd like to break passing and rushing records as a QB and win the Mountain West 3 or 4 times.  And win a national championship."

RJP: What are your team goals for your time in San Jose?

KC:  As we speak I'm somewhat trying to recruit the '17 class and put guys around me that I know will flourish and excel in both aspects at the college level (on the field and in the classroom).  Guys that are passionate and guys that want to go out and win.  I hope to have 4 winning seasons there and bring championships as a successful dynasty."

RJP: What NFL player do you try to model your game after?

KC: "Cam Newton."

RJP: What SJSU player do you try to model your game after?

KC: "I'd probably have to say Christian Tago, it's like an intellectual brutality... or Thomas Tucker, really passionate gameplay and exciting."

RJP: When do you expect to move to San Jose?

KC: "I expect to move in early, probably enroll in January of my senior year to get a feel.  I'm doing pretty well on the

academic side and it looks like I'll finish early."

RJP: You want to win a national championship you said?

KC: "Yes sir, I feel like working towards and winning and gaining the notoriety.  The NCAA would have not choice but to

put us in the college playoffs."

Kaymen Cureton: "Oh and under Coach Caragher and Borges I'd like to be another one of their QB's with success at the

highest level.  I hope to be the best... ever."

You can follow Kaymen Cureton on Twitter @KCTheGeneral_ and check out his highlights here.

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