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Dail Hike: Utah State officially needs a new offensive coordinator

Good morning! This is what you may have missed in the Mountain West yesterday.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

For real this time: It was reported over a week ago but now is being more widely reported that Utah State offensive coordinator Josh Heupel is leaving to take the same position at Missouri.

POINTS! The New Mexico Bowl has had some exciting games to open bowl season and Bill C. of SB Nation gives some good reasons on why everyone should tune into New Mexico vs. Arizona.

Still a no-go: San Diego State quarterback Maxwell Smith is doing all he can to play in the Hawaii Bowl, but he has yet to practice on his torn ACL.

Who will replace A.J. West: With Nevada down a key player look for Elijah Foster and Cameron Oliver step up

Hawaii still has plenty of scholarship: New head coach Nick :Rolovich has 15 scholarships available for his 2016 class.

UNLV adds nine: The Rebels are going the JUCO path with their mid-season additions.

No offense, but... Nevada players are not happy that they have to face a conference opponent in their bowl game.