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Hawaii football: Nick Rolovich signs four-year deal as head coach

Nick Rolovich inked a four-year deal as the Hawaii head coach.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Details are coming out on Nick Rolovich and his new job as the Hawaii Warriors head coach. The contract is a four-year deal with just over $1.6 million with a breakdown of $400,008 in each of the first two seasons and $425,004 in the final two.

This salary for Rolovich is less than what Norm Chow was making who was making $550,000 from the school, and is the lowest amount from all Mountain West schools. It was well known that Hawaii did not have a lot of money to pay their next coach but this amount puts Rolovich's salary in the bottom 25 of coaches salary at the FBS level.

One other noteworthy item about Rolovich's hire is that he plans to hire an offensive coordinator and not be the primary play caller for the Warriors. That will definitely have an impact on what style of offense that he will be bring to Hawaii. This makes sense so that Rolovich can concentrate on being a head coach and not have to wear two hats for his first job in charge of a program.