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Nevada vs. Fresno State: Post-game press conference video

After a hotly contested first half, the Bulldogs defense wore down, the offense imploded and the Wolf Pack cruised to an easy win. Players and coaches discussed the aftermath.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Our Nevada enthusiast Brandon Blake has the overall recap of Thursday night's tilt between the Wolf Pack and the Fresno State Bulldogs, and this article will be updated with the winning team's video when it becomes available.

Fresno State head coach Tim DeRuyter

I thought we played well against the run early on in the football game, and it felt good. Came out in the second half, let 'em get some plays on us; on third down, they were able to convert throwing the ball to 12 (Hasaan Henderson) and with the quarterback (Tyler Stewart) running the ball. Gotta do a better job being disciplined...

Bulldogs cornerback Tyquann Glass

Bulldogs running back Malique Micenheimer

Nevada head coach Brian Polian

We had to overcome a lot of adversity in the game, and we'd talked playing the next play... often when we'd do that, it's in reference to the other side making a play. Tonight was a night where we had to overcome our own adversity.

Nevada wide receiver Hasaan Henderson, defensive lineman Lenny Jones and linebacker Matthew Lyons