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Hawaii football coaching search: It's June Jones job to lose

According to a source the Hawaii job is June Jones' if "he is willing to take what they can offer."

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Hawaii football job has been open for just a under week but there is already a front runner in former Warriors coach June Jones, plus former Fresno State head coach Pat Hill is in the mix, according to College AD. Jones having interest was already known but seeing Hill as a candidate is a surprise.

There are reportedly five candidates who have applied for the job, but according to a source with knowledge of the coaching search Jones is far and away the preferred choice..

"It's his (job) as long as he is willing to take what they can offer," the source said referring to Jones.

The odds of Hawaii paying Jones anywhere near the $2 million he was making at SMU is highly unlikely. Norm Chow was making just over $500,000 also to take into consideration is that the program is losing money. So it really does depend if Jones is willing to take a massive pay cut to coach his former team.

Stephen Tsai of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported earlier this week that former Kaiser H.S. (Hawaii) head coach Rich Miano and Nevada offensive coordinator Nick Rolovich are candidates, but those two names have not been confirmed if they are among the five who have officially applied for the job.