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San Diego State basketball: Game at Petco Park could be moved to Dec. 6

The scheduled game between San Diego State and San Diego at Petco Park could be moved, even if good weather.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

San Diego State and San Diego have a scheduled game to play at Petco Park on Dec. 5 as a gimmick game at the home of the San Diego Padres. With the game to be played in a baseball stadium there is the threat of inclement weather due to El Nino, yes even in San Diego, there are plans in place to move the game to the following day.

Now there is another reason that the game might be moved and that is if the San Diego State football team hosts the Mountain West title game which is scheduled to be played on Dec. 5 and is scheduled at 7:30 p.m. ET while the basketball game is set for a 5 p.m. ET tip-off.

The reason the game would be moved if the Aztecs host the title game -- which by the way they would if the standings play out -- is that the game day operations crew would be stretched too thin to be able to put on both events.

If the game moves to Sunday Dec. 6 there is a lot more competition with the San Diego Chargers at home against the Denver Broncos in that same time slot. Side note, I am sure the Chargers are not too happy to possibly play on a field a day after an Aztecs game, even though that happens time to time.

Weather could still be an issue if weather is bad over that entire weekend. The date of this game will not be known until Nov. 29 which is when it will be known where the Mountain West title game will be played.