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Hawaii will not use a search firm to find new head coach

When Hawaii looks for its new head coach it will be doing it on its own and not use an expensive search firm.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

The Hawaii Warriors are in the search for a new head coach after letting go of Norm Chow and the strap cashed program has elected to not use an expensive search firm to find their next head coach. In the mean time the Warriors are going with assistant head coach and offensive line coach Chris Naeole.

Not hiring a search firm means a few things: First it means that the Warriors do not want to literally throw money away building a list of candidates, plus it likely means that athletic director Dave Matlin probably already has a list of candidates in mind that he wants to reach out to and bring in an interview.

This process could take some time since there is still another month of the regular season and current coaches are focused on their job at hand. If there are any interviews once the regular season ends they more than likely will take place either on campus or a meeting on the mainland which is convenient for both parties.

This is the first decision in hopes will lead to a good hire for the Warriors next head coach.