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Nevada football recruiting: Catching up with Wolfpack WR commit Trevion Armstrong

Wolf Pack verbal commit Trevion Armstrong gets us caught up with his senior season.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Nevada Wolf Pack verbal wide receiver commit Trevion Armstrong gives an update on his high school season and other topics related to his commitment to Nevada.

What are your thoughts on your team's performance this season?

Trevion Armstrong: "I really proud of my team, we could have fallen down and not worked as hard as we did this year, not worked in the weight room like we did, we did a really good job as a team and it was a really big effort for us to get as far as we did."

How about you thoughts on your own performance this season?

TA: "I think I had a pretty good year, over the summer the thing I really wanted to work on was my speed, that was the thing that college coaches questioned about my game, I lost a ton of weight, the (rest) came naturally and I was able to take the top off of defenses and make plays in the open field."

How many of your teammates do you think will be playing college ball?

TA: "We have so far, right now I 'm saying four for sure, and we got a couple young guys in the future that I could see coming out and playing college ball but I'm saying right now 4 for sure."

Do you think any of them will attend Nevada?

TA: "No, I don't any of them will reach out as far as Nevada, it was kind of a shock to everybody when I (committed) but we got a couple guys I could see playing D1."

What are your thoughts on the Wolfpack's season so far?

TA: "They have a great defense and their defense is pretty solid and stacked and they make a lot of good plays, I'm excited to get out to Nevada, and I've been talking to Coach Polian and me and him share the feeling of me playing early and being an early contributor."

What are your thoughts on the Wolfpack Wide Reciever's performance this season?

TA: "They have a nice core of receivers, they can make some plays, I know when I was there they didn't make as many plays as I excepted, they had a big drop against UNLV on the game winning drive.... I know Coach Polian bringing me in (and other WR) I know the receiving core is going to get better."

Have you been in contact with any other Nevada recruits?

TA: "Yeah, I know a couple sent me messages on twitter congratulating me on my commitment... a couple sent me messages on twitter... I've staying in contact with some of the recruits that were on the (official visit) trip with me."

What are you expecting from your time in Reno?

TA: "Pretty much just trying to focus on football, I'm going far away from home, so focusing on school. I'm going to take full advantage of the school and get a good degree and hopefully everything else will pan itself out."

Favorite TV Show?

TA: "Lie To Me."

Favorite Food?

TA: "Ribs or Chicken."

Favorite pastime other than football?

TA: "Basketball and work!"


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