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A brief list of potential tiebreakers for the Mountain West football title game

Do we really want computers to decide who hosts the conference's title game? Of course not! Here's how we can do better.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

You might have heard that some relics of college football's past are responsible for deciding the location of this year's championship game. Look, conference record and margin of victory against common opponents might make more sense than continuing to utilize some of the old BCS computers. Math is hard!

Here at Mountain West Connection, though, we aren't satisfied until we've exhausted all possible options. With that in mind, here are some tiebreakers that Craig Thompson could consider for the next such situation. You're welcome in advance.

  1. A coin flip. Hey, it made for some compelling storytelling in Friday Night Lights.
  2. Rock-paper-scissors, best of nine
  3. Head coach arm wrestling
  4. Head coaches play a game of chess
  5. Jousting, in the style of American Gladiators
  6. Jousting, in the style of 12th-century knights
  7. Impromptu #DoLoThroDo showdown
  8. Written submission from each team's player with highest GPA about why their team deserves it more (250 words)
  9. Multi-year APR numbers
  10. Rock-paper-scissors, best of five
  11. Round of Jeopardy!
  12. Round of Yahtzee
  13. Round of Cards Against Humanity
  14. Round of Super Street Fighter IV
  15. Dancing With the Stars, in the style of the "Hotline Bling" music video (has the advantage of corporate synergy)
  16. Presidential debate-style Q&A
  17. Hunger Games, but with Nerf weapons
  18. Quarterback karaoke
  19. Something like that scene from The Cable Guy where they fight at Medieval Times
  20. Game of HORSE
  21. Paintball free-for-all
  22. Chopped, but for recipes that every college freshman knows how to make
  23. Game of NCAA Football 14
  24. Game of Guitar Hero 2, preferably "Freebird" on the hardest level
  25. Math test
  26. Project Runway judges determine the best alternative jersey of the year
  27. Staring contest
  28. Quiet game
  29. Rock-paper-scissors, best of three
  30. Highest score in the Sporcle test about world capitals
  31. S&P+ rankings (hooray for advanced stats!)
  32. Red Rover
  33. Rap battle
  34. Capture the Flag
  35. Pogs
  36. Tiddlywinks
  37. Round of Magic: The Gathering
  38. Round of Pokemon card game
  39. Offensive line tug of war
  40. Aerobics championship
  41. Battle of light-cycles from Tron
  42. Table tennis
  43. Majority vote of the 10 head coaches who didn't make the title game
  44. Rock-paper-scissors, best of seven
  45. Pub quiz, but for football movies only
  46. Caber toss
  47. Round of Uno
  48. Home run derby
  49. Platform diving
  50. Flonkerton ("box of paper snowshoe racing")
  51. Fan vote