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Utah State football recruiting: Catching up with Aggie FS commit Braxton Gunther

Utah State recruit Braxton Gunther gives an update on his senior season.

We catch up with the latest from Utah State verbal free safety commit Branxton Gunther.

Robert J Pfeifer: How are you feeling about your Utah State commitment right now?

Braxton Gunther: "Good, I'm like 100% in! I'm excited to get down there and play, I go down there like a week after school gets out and start working out with the team and stuff!"

Are you trying to play as a true freshman?

BG: "Yeah, I want to."

Who is your primary recruiter?

BG: "Coach Hepuel and Coach Lorig."

What were your thoughts on the big victory over Boise State?

BG: "I thought that was probably one of the biggest wins of their season, I was at the game and I was super impressed, that was the game right before I committed."

Did that game have any sway on your commitment?

"Yeah, it did a ton, I committed like Wednesday or Tuesday after that game!"

Who would you say is Utah State's biggest rival?

"I would probably say Boise."

What would it mean to get to beat them?

"It would mean a lot, because usually those are the two teams that are the best in the Mountain West."

What are your team goals as an Aggie?

"To win the MWC championship every year and make it to a big NY6 bowl!"

What are your individual goals?

"Right now I'm focused on working hard so I can go in as a true freshman and make an impact whether that's at safety of nickel or special teams."

What are your thoughts on redshirting?

"If I had to redshirt I don't think it would be a bad thing, it would give me an extra year to get big and acclimated to college football, but I want to play as a true freshman."

What NFL player do you try to model your game after?

"Eric Weddle."

What Utah State player do you try to model your game after?

"I don't know if there is one, I don't know if I've seen enough of the games to know if there's one I model my game after so far."

Favorite food?

"I like Mexican food!"

Favorite music?

"I like 80s music!"

Favorite movie?

"Harry Potter!"

Favorite TV Show?

"The Office!"

Favorite pass-time other than football?

"Probably baseball!"

You can follow Braxton on Twitter @BraxtonGunther.

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