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Fresno State football: Offensive coordinator is out, defensive coordinator being demoted

Fresno State is making changes with both of their coordinator positions.

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Fresno State is making significant changes to its coaching staff as offensive coordinator Dave Schramm is not being retained and defensive coordinator Nick Toth will be retained but will not be in charge of the defense, this according to's BarkBoard.

These move come as no surprise as for the past two season Schramm has been unable to find a consistent starting quarterback. The Bulldogs offense has been very predictable and just overall not effective ever since Derek Carr graduate in 2013.

On the defensive side of the ball, head coach Tim DeRuyter is set to have a more hand in the defense. He is a defensive minded coach and was the coordinators at Air Force and Texas A&M prior to being the Bulldogs head coach, so that move makes a lot of sense.

According to BarkBoard, Schramm's coaching style was a reason that former Fresno State quarterback Brian Burrell quitting the program and also stalled the development of Zack Greenlee.

Several sources who wish to remain anonymous also told BarkBoard that Schramm was directly responsible for Brian Burrell quitting the program following his junior year. BarkBoard was told that "Schramm destroyed Brian's confidence to the point where he didn't even want to play the game anymore." Those same sources point to Zack Greenlee's slow development and shaky confidence as a direct result of Schramm's coaching style.

As for who Fresno State will target for their new offensive coordinator they want to go after coaches that are a familiar and that could even include a coach from the FCS level. Some coaches have already been informed they are not returning, but any announcements will not come until the season is over.

There are a lot of moving parts going on with these changes but one thing is clear this move is a chance for DeRuyter to keep his job. If these changes do not show improvement then he would be the next to go and the Bulldogs will then be needing a new head coach.