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UNLV v. Chaminade final score: Rebels Post Victory over out manned Silverswords

The Runnin' Rebs lost yesterday by a basket to UCLA, but they came back with a 20 point victory against Chaminade. UNLV will face Indiana tomorrow.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Rebels can breathe a sigh of relief after shaking off a snoozer of a start in Maui against home town favorite Chaminade.  Watching the first half of the UNLV-Chaminade game was excruciating because it was sluggish and offensively minimally thrilling (minus the breakaway dunk that, of course, Derrick Jones threw down half way through the first half).

In the second half, it would be team leader Pat McCaw that pulled the Rebels from the depths of near embarrassment in Hawaii.  Jones, meanwhile, would lead all scorers with 26 points, proving that he is not simply a slam dunk master.  Both carried UNLV to their 93-73 victory (which seems like a swatting but was anything but until the second half was underway).

Looking ahead, troubling for the Rebels is the performance of vocal leader Jordan Cornish who has yet to shine in his outings in Maui, and today, was 2 for 8 from field goal range.  Additionally, Stephen Zimmerman had to sit out this game continuing to feel under the weather.

The Rebels will need all hands on deck to take on the Hoosiers in the final round of the consolation bracket tomorrow.  The fast paced Rebels should pose a challenge to Indiana.  However, if the Rebels fail to make an offensive run toward the very start of the game as they did against Chaminade today, the Hoosiers will have the advantage in this final match-up in Maui.