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Utah State football recruiting: Catching up with Aggies WR commit Hartman Rector

I caught up with Utah State Wide Receiver commit Hartman Rector on Monday afternoon. He had time for a quick Q&A to catch Aggie Fans up on his season and his thoughts on a small variety of interesting topics.

We continue our series of keeping up with Mountain West recruits, and the latest is Utah State wide receiver verbal commit Hartman Rector.

What are your thoughts on your team's performance this season?

Hartman Rector: "To be honest with you our team has improved after our loss to sky view it was an eye-opener for us, just to step out game an just play our game that we've been player ever since we were little."

How about your thoughts on your own performance this season?

HR: "I think can get better in everything... we'll see what happens, but as for me personally I think I've been doing good... I've been doing really great with my route running and identifying coverages, and as far as improving I think I'm making more plays than I need to."

How many of your teammates do you think will be playing college ball?

HR: "As of right now its myself and also Defensive End Troy Murray, and also out left tackle Cade Parrish."

Do you think any of them will attend Utah State?

HR: "Uh, no, I don't think so."

What are your thoughts on the Aggies' season so far?

HR: "I think Utah State as of right now they're not play ing the game they thought they'd be playing, if they start putting their heads together and start playing as a team then things could start changing for them."

What are your thoughts on the Aggie's wide receiver's performance this season?

HR: "They're actually doing what they need to do and I look up to them, I think they doing good, actually great, they're doing great!"

Have you been in contact with any other Utah State recruits?

HR: "Yes, I have. (Strong Safety) Braxton Gunther and (Wide Receiver) Bryce Mortenson."

What are you expecting from your tie in Logan?

HR: "I think if I can just play my game, I'm trying to push for (playing time) my junior or sophomore year."

Follow Hartman Rector on Twitter @2chainzR85 and check out his Hudl Highlights.

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