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Hawaii football: Warriors buyout Norm Chow's contract

Norm Chow will earn just over a 1/3 of a million dollars as part of his buyout.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Hawaii Warriors are in need of a new head coach when he was let go on Sunday night with just over one year left on his contract. A buyout was coming but the amount was uncertain at that time but per the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Hawaii will pay Chow $337,499. The school paid $550,000 of his $637,750 salary each year.

Letting Chow go with still a month left was odd and maybe it came down to that the price of letting him go now or at the end of the year did not matter. That is pure speculation but it could make sense that the price point was right to let him go when they did.

The Warriors paid in the average of Mountain West coaching circles and with the school having financial issues, who knows that the next coach will earn to take over a program that has fallen down on hard times since June Junes left as head coach.

Odds are that the next head coach will be on the lower end of the pay scale and could start in the $300,000 range if they pick a first time head coach.