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New Mexico adds one more baseball recruit

Now on to other things. There are lineups to guess. That should be fun as many of you have a better handle on those things than I do but, somebody's has to do it.

Jaylyn Whitehead heads west from Florida to pitch for New Mexico in 2016
Jaylyn Whitehead heads west from Florida to pitch for New Mexico in 2016
Tim Holle

An Oversight and a Heads Up

I was alerted to a missed recruit from the New Mexico roster so I though I'd make things right.

Jaylyn Whitehead, LHP, Olympia HS, Orlando, FL
Wow, coach is really going far afield to get recruits. Florida, Texas, California, and other states with warm winters have the best players so, why not? Jaylyn was 6-0 and 0.38 in 18 IP. He had 18 strikeouts in those innings so that meets the standard. According to MaxPreps he was used out of the pen so it appears he held the opposition to nuttin' while his team came back and won while he was on the mound. His team was one of the best in Florida so sometimes you are judged by the company you keep.

This is the last of the recruiting articles that I plan to post. Don't ask about Air Force as they are a special breed of cat. I'm not being mean, just that their recruits have to pass all the military stuff before they can even think of being a ball player. What's up next? This is where I hang myself; I come up with possible starting lineups. Are you ready for some baseball? Are you ready to tear me apart? Thought so.