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Nevada Has a Lot to Replace with these Recruits

The 2015 version of Wolf Pack baseball was very good and very senior-heavy.That experience worked well but many of the best players are gone as is the coach. A lot of work is ahead for the new coach. Will the newbies listed below help? I'm sure a few will.

A lot of players will have to step it up as so many players from last year are gone.
A lot of players will have to step it up as so many players from last year are gone.
John Byrne

Nevada Recruits For Immediate Help

Two bad things happened to the Wolf Pack when last season ended. Actually make that three. First, they had their best season in years and didn't receive a bid. That's some serious suckness. Second, the coach walked after two (I think) years on the job after hearing the jingle of serious change. San Jose State football had that happen, you may recall, with a popular coach who also jumped to the Pac12, a la the Colts move to the lovely city of Indianapolis. Not to say I'm bitter or anything. . . . but. Thirdly, the Wolf Pack sported a mostly senior-laden and experienced group of players and did it ever pay off. So, new coach, a bunch of new players, and the future looks unsure. The recruits are mostly pitchers and four of the six juco transfers are pitchers. Coach knows the pickle he has inherited but D1 jobs are rare. Let's see what he has coming in. Oh, the list is from the 2016 roster and I don't deal with redshirts.

Keone Cabinian, RHP, College of San Mateo, Tracy, CA
Keone was 3-3 and 2.67 last season for CSM. He had 60 IP and struck out 36 which says he doesn't rely on the punch out that much. He had 10 starts in 10 appearances so he's coming in to get a shot at starting it appears. A big change for him will be coming out of the pen.

Trevor Charpie, RHP, Saddleback College, Anaheim Hills, CA
Trevor was 3-4 and 2.50 in 57 IP with 54 strikeouts. Mostly used as a reliever which is just fine and that's a lot of innings for a reliever at this level with only a few starts. Coach loved what he could do. Did I say he led his team in saves with four?

Brandon Evans, OF, Santa Barbara CC, Somis, CA
Brandon hit .295 and 1 in full time duty. He has some speed as he had 11 stolen bases which was third on the team.

Kaleb Foster, C, Douglas HS, Garderville, NV
To start, Kaleb was named defensive POY in his area for the second consecutive year which speaks volumes about his expertise behind the plate. He also made made All-State on the strength of a .383 BA with 3 home runs (I read 7 elsewhere). I think he can help.

Cooper Krug, 1B/RHP, Reno HS, Reno, NV
Cooper hit .405 and 4 his senior year and was named POY for the Northern Region of Nevada as well as All-State as a first baseman. He also pitched well at 3-3 and 3.14.

Anthony Martine, LHP, College of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas, NV
He was 5-4 and 3.36 in 77 IP. He struck out 60 in those innings and I couldn't tell from the stats I saw if he started or came out of the pen but I suspect both.

Miles Mastrobuoni, SS, College of San Mateo, Livermore, CA
Miles hit .347 in full time duty and as a teammate of Cabinian (above).

Ty Pennington, RHP, Howard JC, Tucson, AZ
Used exclusively as a reliever (closer?) as he had 9 appearances in 2015. He was 0-1 and 2.35 in 15 IP with 12 strike outs and 2 saves. I've read he has a big arm so we'll see about that.

Brandon Ponticelli, RHP, Bishop Alemany HS, Chatsworth, CA
Brandon had an outstanding junior year which placed him directly in the sights of the majors as well as a number of D1 programs. Unfortunately, I could find no stats for 2015. Injury?

It must be pointed out here that Austin Gorell, a recruited catcher that was on the roster, died from unknown (to me) reasons. This team has a lot to cope with as it is and the death of a teammate is something that is above and beyond the demands of sports. I feel for the parents as I'm a dad, too.

Two recruits that stood out to me were Cooper Krug and Kaleb Foster. They were two standouts in Nevada.