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Colorado State football recruiting: Catching Up With Commit Nicho Garcia

Colorado State commit Nicho Garcia dishes on his commitment, Colorado State's new stadium, his game and more!

Nicho Garcia is a junior college offensive lineman verbal commit for the Colorado State Rams and we catch up with him as his senior season is wrapping up.

Robert J Pfeifer: How are you feeling about your Colorado State commitment?

Nicho Garcia: "Really good, I'm pretty solid with them 100%, I'm really solid with what Coach Bobo is trying to do with the program, and Coach Friend being a really good O-line coach.  Plus one of my coaches I had last year is one the coaching staff there now, so it's just the perfect time with the new stadium being built too, it's kind of exciting."

RJP: What coach recruited you?

NG: "Coach Walter Vaughn, assistant D-line coach."

RJP: How do you like the renderings of the new stadium?

NG: "It;s awesome, it's gonna be definitely the best in the MW in my opinion.  It's huge."

RJP: What are your team and individual goals while at Colorado State?

NG: "Team wise I would love to give it a run for the MW Championship.  My individual goals are to come out swinging and fight for the #1 job, coming from a JUCO I've had some development and I'm ready to battle it out."

RJP: Do you think your time at a JUCO give you a competitive edge?

NG: "I do believe so, I've gotten a lot stronger, gained a lot of weight, my IQ grew so much on the field.  Especially in the conference of Junior College I play in, going up against other D1 ends every week"

RJP: What NFL player do you try to model your game after?

NG: "I'm a big fan of J.R. Sweezy, I always look up to his highlights."

RJP: What CSU player do you try to model your game after?

NG: "I would say ex-CSU player Weston Richburg, he's a bully!"

RJP: Favorite Food?

NG: "Chinese food."

RJP: Favorite Music?

NG: "Goodfellas."

RJP: Favorite TV show?

NG: "Breaking Bad."

RJP: Favorite thing to do in your free time other than football?

NG: "Hanging out with friends playing NBA2K or Madden."