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Boise State football recruiting: Catching up with DB commit Desmond Williams

Boise State defensive back commit took some time out of his day to dish on his recruitment, his game and more!

With signing day slowly closing we are catching up with various verbal committed recruits within the Mountain West. The latest we are speaking with is Boise State defensive back commit Desmond Williams.

Your film is very impressive, some of your highlights look like a player with the physicality to contribute to a top Division 1 program early in his career. Thoughts?

"Yes, with my film last year, I will try to put together another for this year to show coaches what I can do."

What does being a Bronco mean to you?

"It feels great to be committed as a Bronco.  On that trip it just made me feel more comfortable with my decision because they took me in with open arms and treated me like I was apart of the family."

What are your goals for your team while in Boise?

"Team goals are of course to win every game and get a chance at the national championship but if that doesn't happen then be placed in a great bowl game."

What are your individual goals while in Boise?

"I hope to contribute ASAP."

"Individually (my goal) is to work hard enough to hopefully get a chance to play my freshman year and just take advantage of my opportuninties that come to me."

Why the number change to 7? (from 22).

"The number change was because I've always wanted to be #7 but it was always taken so this was my year to get it so I did, and the religious part of the number."

What does your faith mean to you?

"I am a very strong believing Christian and it goes with the #7 because that is the number of perfection through Jesus.  I believe that God has guided me on this path I'm on."

Some of your teammates were also recruited by Boise State (Chacho Ulloa, Camryn Bynum), are you working on recruiting other teammates to The Blue?

"For my other teammates of course I try everyday to get those guys to come with me but they are committed so it's hard but it still doesn't hurt to try."

Are you expecting any other visits to other schools?

"No, not really planning on taking anymore visits."

Who is your primary recruiter?

"My primary recruiter was Andy Avalos."

What is your relationship with Harsin like?

"(Mine) and coach Harsin's relationship is great! They don't have the option to call me right now but he messages me a couple times a week and we had great conversations on the phone and when I went on my visits."

What NFL player do you try to model your game after?

"I loved to watch Tyrann Matthieu from college, and still now since he is in the league.... But also Clay Matthews  from the LB standpoint and for DB all the great ones from Charles Woodson to the young guys like Joe Haden."

What BSU player do you try to model your game after?

"Definitely Donte Deayon and Safety Darian Thompson, and LB Tanner Vallejo and (STUD) Kamalei Correa."

Favorite artist?


Favorite food?


Favorite movie?

"Rise of the Planet of the Apes."

Favorite pastime other than sports?

"Either sleep of hang with friends or family."