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NCAA tournament projections: Where does the Mountain West stand

The early season NCAA tournament projections are here, so where does the Mountain West stand?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

College basketball is BACK!!  And this means another Mountain West basketball season with very high hopes for everyone involved.  Will Boise maintain their dominance from a year ago or will a team like Utah State or Colorado State take their spot.  Will San Jose State win more than five games this year, or will the Spartans have to go through another agonizing season filled with disgust and misery.  The most important question however is what teams will make an appearance in the NCAA Tournament?

So far, this is what the experts have...

Boise State:

West Region vs. (7) Notre Dame as an 10 seed. SB Nation

Midwest Region vs (10) West Virginia as a 7 seed. CBS Sports

Midwest region vs (7) Baylor as the 10 seed. ESPN

Boise State is one of the favorites right now to win the Mountain West, but the highest seed as of now is a seven seed. If the Mountain West wants to have more than two teams in, they need the Broncos and one other team to run the table with one or two potential tournament teams behind them. Will the boys in blue be making another trip back to the big dance?

San Diego State:

Midwest region vs. (12) Oregon for the twelve seed. SB Nation

South region vs (8) Butler as the 9 seed. CBS Sports

West region vs (8) NC State as the 9 seed. ESPN

The Aztecs come in on every projection just like Boise State, and even have higher projections when it comes to seeding.  ESPN even has them as the 36th ranked team nationally, so throughout the year we may be seeing SDSU with a top 25 number next to their name.  However, some sanctions could pop up during the course of the season with the recent development of an NCAA investigation.  Will this be a distraction, or will SDSU be a dominant team out of the Mountain West?

There could be a third team that could surprise like New Mexico, UNLV or even Colorado State, but in the mean time the Mountain West is looking like a two-bid league.