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Week 10 Mountain West power rankings: Boise State takes over the top spot

Boise State edges out San Diego State for the top spot in the latest Mountain West power rankings.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

First off, apologizes for no rankings last week, but here were getting ready for another week. Boise State took over the top spot that San Diego State has held for the past few weeks. It was a close vote with the Broncos earning one more first place vote compared to the Aztecs. Currently, those two teams are on a course to meet in the Mountain West title game.

New Mexico has made a huge jump after their win over Utah State this past week and if they somehow upset Boise State they will challenge for the top spot, but likely not the overall spot.

The bottom of the poll stays the same with Fresno State,  Hawaii and Wyoming at the bottom. There likely will be some changes after this weekends games since four of the top five teams play each other.

1. Boise State (8) LW: 1 Mountain
2. San Diego State (7) LW: 1 West
3. Air Force  LW: 4 Mountain
4. New Mexico LW: 7 Mountain
5. Utah State LW: 3 Mountain
6. San Jose State LW: 7 West
7. Colorado State LW: 6 Mountain
8. Nevada LW 8 West
9. UNLV LW: 9 West
10. Fresno State LW: 10 West
11. Hawaii LW: 11 West
12. Wyoming LW: 12 Mountain