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Boise State Basketball Recruiting: Alex Hobbs, Justinian Jessup Sign

Boise State adds two talented newcomers for the 2016 season.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Leon Rice and the Broncos announced Wednesday that two players from the class of 2016, Alex Hobbs and Justinian Jessup, have signed a letter of intent to play for the Boise State Broncos.

Alex Hobbs is a 6-4, 180-pound guard from La Porte, Texas. Hobbs committed to Boise State in early September over Baylor, Butler, Oklahoma, San Diego State and others. He plays the two-guard position and is known for his scoring ability. Hobbs averaged 27 points per game as a junior and is considered an "elite scorer" by Leon Rice. With the departures of Anthony Drmic, Mikey Thompson, Lonnie Jackson, and Montigo Alford next spring, look for Hobbs to work his way into a BSU's rotation in 2016.

Justinian Jessup also signed with the Broncos Wednesday. He committed to Boise State over Colorado, Davidson, and Northern Iowa. Jessup is 6-5 and 185 pounds, a very similar body frame as Hobbs. Jessup appears to be a bit more versatile and balanced than Hobbs' scoring approach. The Longmont, Colorado guard was the 4A player of the year as a junior. He possess the ability to shoot from long distance (42% last season), dish assists and create turnovers. Rice says that Jessup is capable of playing multiple positions.

Here's a look at Boise State's scholarship breakdown

Position/Height 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
G/5-9 Alford

G/5-11 Austin Austin Austin Austin
G-F/6-6 Drmic
F/6-8 Duncan Duncan
F/6-11 Haney Haney Haney Haney
G/6-4 Harwell Harwell Harwell Harwell
G-F/6-7 Hutchison Hutchison Hutchison
G/6-4 Jackson
F/6-10 Jorch Jorch Jorch Jorch
G/6-4 Landry Landry Landry Landry
G/6-3 Reid
G/6-4 Spjute Spjute Spjute Spjute
G/6-4 Thompson
F/6-10 Wacker Wacker Wacker
F/6-9 Webb III Webb III
G/6-4 Hobbs Hobbs Hobbs Hobbs
G/6-5 Jessup Jessup Jessup Jessup