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Boise State football: Brett Rypien mirrors Kellen Moore trick play

Who did the trick play better, Kellen Moore or Brett Rypien?

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

It is currently halftime between Boise State and Hawaii with the Broncos just running away with this game leading 49-0 at the half, so this game is basically actually over.

With the game already well in hand with Boise State up 21-0, head coach Bryan Harsin decided to go into the way back machine to run a trick play that Kellen Moore ran when he was a freshman back in 2008. Harsin was the offensive coordinator at the time, so the play makes sense and he likely was just having some fun.

The play call was for some sort of fake fumble and then the quarterback pulls up and throws the ball. The only difference is that Rypien's throw went for a touchdown. Here is the play against Hawaii, and then followed by a mirror image play against Oregon seven years ago.

(Hat tip to Bronco Nation News)